Emergency Response

Emergency response.

Preventing injury and dehydration with simple and effective solutions.

Emergency shower and eye-wash stations. On the spot decontamination. Flush away contaminants from the eyes and body to help prevent injuries or permanent damage. Emergency eye washes and showers are a necessary backup to minimize the effects of accident exposure.  Used where the eyes an body are exposed to injurious corrosive and hazardous materials such as chemical splash, welding sparks, metal shavings or fine particulates. Emergency eye-wash stations include units that connect to plumbing lines, self-contained units with a built-in wash tank, and personal eye-wash stations and bottles. Drench showers mount to a ceiling, wall, or floor to provide an emergency shower.

Heat stress protection, activity drinks and shelters. Portable coolers and electrolyte drinks provide simple rehydration for people working in extreme heat or hot environments. Reduce the risk of heat-related illnesses to minimize downtime with protective gear and shade. Water, sports drinks, and frozen pops help you to replace what the body sweats out. Industrial coolers keep food and drink cold on the job or at sporting events, boating and more. Low profile hydration packs are are convenient for on the go hydration. 

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