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Advanced cleaning technologies to keep money in your pockets while keeping employees safe.

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What We Do

We utilize advanced cleaning technologies to keep money in your pockets while keeping employees safe.

Save money and help the environment...  We do both!  Replacing your soiled items can add up quickly.  Our advanced cleaning technology is designed to keep money in your pocket while keeping employees safe.

How do we do it?   We use a multi-step process!  We begin by removing loose debris and metal shavings, then we separate items by their wash process, dry cleaning or water wash. 

Dry-clean-only - items are cleaned with a non-toxic, non-hazardous solvent which effectively removes contaminants in a closed-loop process. 

Water-washable - gloves are processed in a continuous batch washer (CBW), where they are treated through a number of automatically programmed stages to clean the gloves, remove any harmful residues and restore the glove with a pH balance nearly identical to that of human skin.

What types of PPE can be laundered?  Kevlar Gloves, Nitrile & PU Dipped Gloves, String Knit Gloves, Leather Gloves, Sleeves, Aprons, FR Jackets, Shop Towels, Carhartt Workwear, Winter Workwear, Safety name a few!

Easy Shipping Options!  Your items are packed up and shipped via our ReadyShip Programs which utilizes both LTL and small parcel package carriers. This gives Libra the ability to provide products and service to customers across the country.


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Soak it up and ship it out!

Industrial absorbents have an impact on the environment but we help!

We offer a comprehensive line of uniquely formulated absorbent materials is well-suited for high-traffic areas around machinery or equipment, offering both reusable and disposable absorbents.

Designed to withstand the stringent Absorb Pro recycling process, allowing them to be utilized over and over again without ruin or failure.

We use a non-toxic, non-hazardous solvent during our cleaning operation, allowing the extracted chemical substances to be used for fuel blending.

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Benefits of Recycling Gloves and PPE

Minimize Waste

Keep reusable gloves and PPE out of landfills!

Reduce MRO Expenditures

Get maximum value from you Gloves and PPE

Promote a Recycling Culture

Gain Insight on Product Performance

Our data will help to make the right choice when it comes to your Gloves and PPE

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